Causes for sharp pain in right side of head

Today we’ll be discussing the issue of head related pain, explaining some of the most common causes and directing you to know what might be the reason behind it. Headaches have become parts of people’s lives. It starts in tissues that contain nerve endings which are highly susceptible to pain such as skin, muscles, eyes, teeth, glands, veins, sinuses etc. Other structures such as bones, soft brain envelopes or motor nerves do not respond with pain. By character, sharp pain in right side of head, as any other head related pain, can be pulsating, lightning, pressurizing or burning in nature. It can also be long-term or occasional, diffused across a larger surface or highly localized. Types of headaches differentiate according to its sources. People who are highly sensitive to weather shifts experience headaches during significant weather changes but an also occur due to specific diet, habits, stress or lifestyle.

Differentiating head related pain

A typical migraine is a headache that lasts from 4 to 72 hours and has a pulsating character, giving out mild to intense pain, most commonly in the right side of the head. It actually gets worse as you’re performing some physical activity. It is usually accompanied with noxiousness, vomiting as well as sensitivity to light and noise. In most cases however, it’s usually all about the headache, but in specific cases an aura phenomenon may occur. Aura is basically a group of symptoms which ghost in 5 to 30 minutes before the sharp pain in right side of head. Symptoms are blinking zig-zag lines in front of the eyes, a reduced visible surface, shivers in arms or face as well as disturbances in speech. It doesn’t necessarily occur before every migraine, but it is somewhat of a correlation to it, which makes it easier to diagnose the true condition.

Tension headache is the most common type of pain. It gradually comes alive, being mild to very intense and the easiest way to describe it is that it’s like a rim pressuring around your head. It’s very intense, sometimes unbearable and needs to be treated with pain killers. Occasional tension headache lasts from a couple of hours to a couple of days, and it’s likely a consequence of stress. Sleeping and resting in a silent dark room is the best way to deal with this in a natural way.

Cluster headaches are very rare but considered to be the most intense. It shows itself in cyclic intervals, ranging from 15 days to 3 months in specific times of the year, most commonly during the spring and autumn. Months and years may pass in between two separate cluster headache attacks. Initially, these occur every other day, with a couple of them happening within a single day. These usually occur in the same general part of the day. It’s important to note that, contrary to migraine, cluster headaches do get better with physical activity.


A Pain Under Right Arm Pit Is Not To Be Overlooked

We usually do not hear anyone saying that he or she is suffering from heavy pain under armpit. This is anyway a very rare case, but needs attention, if it occurs. The general causes for this kind of pain are any kind of infection or injury. These can easily be treated with the help of medicines or physiotherapy. Something more serious would need immediate medical help. There may also be a need of a surgery in some cases. The nerves in this delicate area are equally delicate and thus, get affected very easily. A strain or a pinch can cause bad pains, but these are not to be worried about at all.

Immediate medical help needed

There are certain serious situations in which quick help is needed to prevent high risks.

  • If you feel a sensation of pressure in your underarms and feel the pain move towards the chest, this is an alarming situation as it could be a serious heart disorder.
  • There might be disorders with bones, muscles, tendons and cartilages to be concerned of. In these cases you might experience weakness of muscles, swelling and burning sensation, redness of the skin of that area, skin color becoming different like bruised area, etc.
  • You may also experience numbness and, tickling sensation in your underarms. Lump formations may also occur beneath the skin.
  • You might not be able to move your arms normally and, the pain moves towards your hand and fingers as well.

Sometimes it might be fatal

Some situations can also prove to be fatal if avoided.

  • A bone that keeps sticking out of the skin causing severe pain under right armpit
  • If you have chest pain, a pressure feeling in your chest or shuddering sensations within
  • If you feel you are being unable to move a body part due to pain under armpit
  • Breathing problems, choking breath, etc. from the time you have experienced a pain in the underarms
  • A stinging sensation or heavy bleeding from the mouth

Some causes to know

The most general causes for occurrence of pain in the underarms is a recent injury, fractures, skin irritations, sports injuries, nerve compression, etc. Other and more serious causes can be cysts, chronic pains, earlier surgeries, cell disorders, pain in the chest due to improper blood flow, blood clots, tumors, etc. These causes can lead to paralysis, heart failures, nerve damage and, cancer as well.

When you have to answer

There are some general questions that are important for doctors to know before they treat you for the pain you are experiencing in your underarms. The first is to observe how long you are going through this pain- the longer the more risky. You also have to notice whether any other symptoms are occurring along with the pain or not. You might be able to guess the intensity after this. Another cause of worry is if you have been overstressing your arms after a recent injury you have suffered from. Last but not the least, you need to identify which activities cause more pain under the armpit.


Keep Away That Annoying Pain Under Belly Bottom

What we call abdominal pain is a syndrome that can be caused due to various general as well as more serious problems. It is essential that we know how we can treat it when we suffer fromsuch pain. First, the reason for your pain should be determined properly. Talk to your physician about the unusual symptoms that you have noticed these days. The doctor is an expert who can read your pain. The right medicines and some restrictions can shoo your pain right away. Knowing some serious causes may help you become a little more conscious. This pain can be acute or a little more or, sometimes too serious. The general causes are usually your uterus, ovaries, intestines or stomach not functioning properly.

If you are a man

Causes of pelvic pain in case of males are much lesser than females. There is but one general as well as serious syndrome that needs attention for men. This is known as Prostatitis, in which there is swelling of the prostate gland. It is a walnut shaped gland that is just below the bladder. The symptoms are pain in the groin or genital areas along with painful urination and fever. These are alarming situations and need immediate attention. Proper medication can lead to complete cure of this disease.

Try them at home

Some popular home-made remedies have been known to cure serious pelvic pains for ages now.

  • Asafetida- Make a thick paste of asafetida with water and apply it around your belly button. Applying this helps to release gas from your stomach, thus curing pain under belly bottom.
  • Honey and bay leaf- grind bay leaves into powder and mix it with honey. Consume this mixture from time to time for good results.
  • Ginger- Take the juice out from a ginger and apply it around the belly button. This helps curing pain due to stomach infections.
  • Oranges- Fresh orange juice has been known to have great medicinal values for relieving belly-aches.
  • Bishop’s weed- a spoon full of powdered bishop’s weed mixed with a little rock salt has magical abilities to cure abdominal pain.

A woman in need

Being a woman, extra care is required for your body since organs are more delicate in a female body as compared to main. There are quite a few causes for abdominal pain in case of females.

  • Menstruation- Cramps due to menstruation is the most common reason for belly aches in females. Ovulation pain is another cause of pain, but it does not need any medication.
  • Endometriosis- This is a syndrome where tissues around the walls of the uterus cause discomfort and pain. This needs immediate medical attention.
  • Cysts- Cysts particularly in the ovary is nowadays a very common syndrome in women. Bleeding stool or urine is an emergency. However small cysts cause no problems. These cysts can make you feel like you are pregnant due to similar dull pains, nausea and vomiting.
  • Miscarriage- pregnancy loss in within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy is a major reason for heavy abdominal pain.

Some general things

No matter if you are a male or a female, certain syndromes are common in case of either gender. These are kidney stone, constipation, urinal infections, bladder spasms, hernia, trauma caused by past physical abuse, indigestion, too much stress, etc.


Ways Of Increasing Congestive Heart Failure Life Expectancy

Heart failure is a cause of worry for anyone and everyone and, moreover if it is a congestive heart failure, danger is even more. It is a disorder caused due to vital organs filling up with water and salt, instead of blood and other nutrients. This is caused due to contraction caused in arteries that are paths for blood and oxygen to spread throughout the body. Consult the physician and make sure you follow each word that he advises you. Research has developed and so have options to prevent diseases. A proper diet and perfect treatment can make anyone live much for years even with a heart failure.

Combination of many problems

Congestive heart failure is a syndrome caused by disorder of blood vessels or an underlying heart.

  • A combination of weakened heart muscles and, damaged valves is a primary cause.
  • Ischemic Cardiomyopathy is a disorder that leads to heart failure. In this, the blood vessels become stiff.
  • Too much presence of toxins such as, drugs and alcohols inside the body.
  • Penetration of infectious viruses inside the body causes severe heart diseases such as this.
  • High blood pressure, obesity and hereditary heart diseases are reasons to be aware of.
  • Reasons such as exposure to UV rays during chemotherapy, unhealthy lifestyle and lack of physical activities are common causes too.

Adapt a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is the most important one, besides a proper treatment and medicines to live a better life during heart failure. You can adopt a healthier lifestyle to boost upcongestive heart failure life expectancy.

  • Salt is an enemy to heart diseases. It increases pressure in the blood, thus blocking vessels and arteries of the heart.
  • Avoiding oily food and junk food is a good way to enjoy healthy eating. If snacking is your second love, then take up one crispy vegetable or a fruit and munch on it instead.
  • Make sure you are getting involved in at least some amount of physical activity every day.
  • Keep stress too far from you. It can be fatal.

Enjoy some more healthy habits

There is no need of getting upset when you have to follow a strict diet and, that too salt free. Take it up as an exciting challenge and pick up lessons on how to cook food with low salt. Not only will your hidden passion for exotic cuisine come out, but you will also be able to get some lovely flavors and tastes. These could not be felt earlier due to too much salt in your food.

Some research results

Due to the increase in heart problems among people of all age group in the world, scientists and experts are devoting more time on the search for exact causes of these diseases. This will help everyone to take advance precaution so that, they do not even come close to suffering from a disease as serious as congestive heart failure. Such experts have come up with a few very common causes which can lead to disorders. A few of these causes are ageing with hypertension, physical inactivity leading to obesity, exposure to drugs, hereditary heart problems, high cholesterol, excessive alcoholism, etc.


Hunched Over laptop syndrome

In the recent research and studies, it is said that frequently working on a laptop causes a problem that makes the person suffer from posture problem. Many people are suffering from this syndrome take the help of medication to relax the condition. However, it is imperative to know all of us that the technology and gadgets are creating a serious back problem.

At work, you might be working on the move for long hours. Have you noticed that this has created a major body issue? Not many of you might have given a thought to it but yes after reading this you will be looking after the issues in-depth. The hot desks introduced at the workplace and the long working hours have been the primary reason for the changing body posture.

The devices, invented are said to make our lives easier but due to lack of ergonomic equipment while on the move, is the prime cause of the increase in the back and joint injuries. Tablets, laptops, and handheld devices are causing the major posture problem in your body.

Ways to get rid of HOL

The Hunched over Laptop Syndrome also known as HOLS is the syndrome that majorly occurs between the age group 18 years to 24 years. However, with the research conducted it is said that the primary cause for this is the increased use of networking of mobile.

However, to treat yourself, find the location where you can have the upright position while typing on the move and avoiding the use of pal for desk. The age group, which is mentioned, is a very young age, and these are the new generation to enter into the world of workplace. Thus getting use to the workload and the lifestyle, the body takes time to adapt the physical change, which in turn gives rise to the health issues like HOLS.

To treat the Syndrome you have to sit in the right posture while working on the devices and gadgets like Laptop and tablet. Using Laptops on lap gives the wrong attitude to the body and gives stress on your thighs. Thus, use a table like desk to place the device. The major problem caused by the inconvenient use of the instrument is back pain, Joint injury and neck pain.

Try these too!!!

Upright posture while typing on the move gives less stress to your neck, and there are fewer chances to have neck pain and back pain. The only remedy to minimize the risk of back and joint pains, keeping your spine straight and in the right posture will give less stress. Always take a small break while on work and have the short walk away from your desk. Leave your office for some time and have a little walk around. It is always suggested to take at least 5 minutes break in every 30 minutes or less than that. However, same goes when you are working with smart phones. Take the break in every 15 to 20 minutes, this will give less strain on eyes and your back.


Mobile Cecum Syndrome

Cecum is referred as a section of Intestinal area.  It is the origin of Appendix that is located at the junction of small and large intestine. Mobile Cecum Syndrome signifies abdominal pain due to cecum that is not properly connected to the rest of the abdomen. However, there is no accurate study that has been proven to the degree of detachment that is sufficient to treat abdominal pain. Detachment of the cecum is unusual and a serious health condition that is responsible for volvulus of the cecum. This is Distinct from mobile cecum syndrome.

Cause of Mobile Cecum syndrome

Mobile Cecum is caused due to an embryological anatomic variation of ascending or due to cecum colon that results in the failure of the right colon fusion. This affects the lateral peritoneum of the body. The reason for this syndrome is due to intestinal malrotation. It can occur in any age of the patient. However, it is recently seen more due to the predisposition of the abnormal 8intestine content. It is usually seen more in adult’s age group with very less predisposing factors. The factors can be inadequate support, excess support or redundant of intestinal tissue and constipation.

Signs and Symptoms of Mobile cecum syndrome

The major symptom of Mobile cecum syndrome is bowel obstruction and vomiting. And very rare symptom of the Ischemia that is the loss of blood flow in the affected portion of an intestine. However, depending on the location of volvulus, the abdominal pain and constipation proportion varies. Several pains are caused due to Volvulus, which cause injury to the walls of the intestine. In this situation, it accumulates gas and fluid to create an obstacle in bowel. This is occurred more frequently in the middle age group or an elderly man.

Cecal volvulus is less common than the other volvulus issues. Cecal volvulus is associated more with the symptoms of abdominal pain and small bowel obstruction. Thus, if you are suffering from abdominal pain you must consult a doctor at the right time.


This syndrome can be encountered at a clinical condition, and it is an uncommon intestinal obstruction that is been caused. Patients with this syndrome have to go through various clinical tests and presentations. However, treating this at the right time will cause a major issue. But most of the audiences are not aware of the syndrome and thus there is a delay in the treatment and diagnostics of the issue.

Thus, to conclude, you must visit and consult the doctor at the right time to save your body from the damage. If you notice any of these syndromes, then you must immediately consult a doctor and go through the clinical tests as advised.   This can help cure the syndrome or the issue faster without Major damage to your internal Body parts.

Thus, to conclude, patient with the unclear cause for intermittent right lower abdominal pain. Colic. Constipation or diarrhea as a sick person with Mobile Cecum Syndrome and they need to be consulted for the right treatment.


Phantom Ringing Syndrome

Very Recently the Scientist has discovered Phantom ringing Syndrome. However, there is no such evidence, solution or reason been introduced for this syndrome?  Phantom Vibration Syndrome and Phantom Rigging Syndrome are similar in terms the only difference is the sense of Ringing and Vibration. You might have come up with the sense of vibration in your pocket many times and after checking your cell phone or pager, you cannot find anything happening. The same thing is with Ringing Syndrome, You will hear sound as if your phone is ringing but in actual it is not.

There is no strong cause or solution that have been invented for this, and the reason, to take place, is not yet clarified. The Scientists are working on getting the right studies to know the Cause and solution. However, recently there are increases in the number of Smartphone users and most of them are the youth group. They have been falling into the trap of fashion or say tend to own best smartphones that will give them a status in the society. However, the growing interest or addiction towards the cell phone keeps their conscious and unconscious mind focused majorly on it. Thus, when a person is busy doing some other task, he will suddenly have focus on his phone. This will give him a sense of ringing. But is reality it is just his conscious mind that reminds him about the ringing of call and not a major syndrome problem.

There is no such Remedy or treatment available for this syndrome. Nor a neurologist or a psychologist can treat this disease. Phantom Vibration Syndrome is an unusual curiosity that speaks to the connection between phones.  It is a part of the modern relationship that we hold with technology and nothing major.

You can only experience phantom vibration where you usual keep your cell phone, and you will mostly come across with the phantom ringing syndrome when you are taking shower. You will suddenly listen a cell phone ringing when it is not.

If you are finding yourself a victim of ringing syndrome then the only way, getting out of this, is keeping yourself disconnected with the phone for more time. Don’t get addicted to it so much that you can feel the ringing and vibration anywhere and anytime when it is not happening. This will help your brain to not monitor the ringing of the phone when it is in reality not ringing.

Phantom Ringing syndrome and Phantom Vibration Syndrome are one and the same they are together related to the addiction to Cell phones. Majorly people are victim of Phantom Vibration Syndrome. Recently, majority of people feel the vibration of cell phones and take out their phone to find but later it shows nothing happening. To reduce the risk of Phantom Vibration Syndrome, you can avoid keeping your mobiles in vibration mode.

Are you a victim of Phantom Ringing Syndrome? Umm…. The question remains unanswered as there are no such treatment and indication been proven.


Phantom Vibration Syndrome

Phantom Vibration Syndrome or the Phantom Ringing syndrome is a syndrome that is based on false assumption that one feels the vibration of the phone or hears the ringing of the phone when it is actually not vibrating or ringing.  This syndrome is not related to any skin disease or physical injury. One can feel the phantom ringing or vibration while taking shower, using noisy device or while watching Television.

You might have seen many mobile phone users keep on checking their mobile phones when it is not ringing or vibrating. The reason for this is because they think that phone is vibrating or ringing. This sensation is also named as Hallucination and Phantom Vibration Syndrome. However, this phenomenon is common among the people who carry cell phones or Pagers.

This syndrome of also called as Ringxiety.  This is because, this syndrome is not limited to the vibration of cell phone or pager; it also includes ringing of the cell phone and other gadgets. However, in this area there is not many studies been done, and we have very less material to research on the topic. There is still research going by the scientists to find the factors that are increasing cause of this syndrome.

The Culprit

Mobile phones have now become a personal identity among the young generation. They personalize their phone as per the stylish wallpapers and ringtones. Also, they consider that using cell phones gives them a status among the peer group and also allow them to remain connected with people around the world.

Ideally, it was concluded that the Phantom Vibration Syndrome was a result of Misinterpretation of Incoming Signals by the memory. However, the actual sensation of the pressure can be the movement of the clothing or muscles contracting.

However, the major cause of the Phantom Vibration Syndrome is the excessive use of cell phones by the users and giving it more importance in their life. There are many users who simply cannot survive without this gadget this shows that they are very connected to their cell phones, and the major concentration is on the cell phone.

Prevention is ALWAYS better than Cure

As of now there is no strong research or conclusion been noted on this syndrome as the scientists are still doing their research to find the valid proof. It not a major syndrome to worry but yes if it continues then it might cause some major issue in the future. Thus, it is very important to stop at the right time before it is too late to treat.

This syndrome is completely based on psychological thinking of our brain. The more we concentrate on Cell phone, the more we are attracted and giving attention to it. It results in Unconscious attention towards the ringing or vibration of the cell phone.

This problem cannot be treated by Neurologist or Psychologists until the right evidence does not come out. Thus, it is not A Neurologists Problem though to treat you recover from the Phantom Vibration Syndrome.


Toasted skin syndrome

The medical term for toasted skin syndrome is Erythema Abigne, but it is more commonly known as TSS, the abbreviated form of toasted skin syndrome. But what is this TSS? As the name suggests, TSS is when your skin gets brown or red like a toast from excessive heat. This is not a temporary condition, but a permanent condition that has some extremely harmful effects on the skin as well as on the overall health. Not only does the skin look ugly with TSS but there be grave consequences. It is better to know about this problem and avoid it altogether. Read on to know what causes TSS and how to avoid it.

 Cause of toasted skin syndrome

 Toasted skin syndrome is caused by a very common thing, which is using your laptop computers on your lap. After using your laptop for a certain amount of time, you must have felt the heat in your legs. The heat gets excessive after continuous use of your laptop and still if you keep using it on your lap without letting it cool down first, you can end up with TSS. The long time exposure to excess heat would leave your skin permanently discolored in the place where it has been exposed to the heat. Heat makes the blood vessels to dilate, exactly like an elastic rubber band. When you stretch an elastic band it stretches but if you keep stretching it breaks. Similarly with excess heat the blood vessels become weak and apart from leaving an ugly mark on your skin it can cause mush worse problems. Read on to know how to avoid getting TSS.

 How to prevent getting toasted skin syndrome

 The only and the best way to prevent toasted skin syndrome is to avoid exposing your skin to the heat of laptops. Use a laptop desk or just place a cushion or a newspaper between your lap and the laptop when using to ensure the heat does not get to your skin directly. You should also make sure that you do not use your laptop on your laps for the prolonged time, let your laptop cool down a little before working on it again.

 You might wonder that doctors use heat therapy to cure a number of ailments like joint pains, muscular pains and so on hence the laptop heat should also be useful for you. But think about it, doctors use heat at an optimum temperature and that too for a limited period. The heat from your laptop exceeds optimum temperature that is tolerable for your skin and do you really use your laptop for a limited duration? Hence, make sure you keep your skin away from this excess heat of the laptop to protect your skin, as well as yourself.

 Toasted skin syndrome is getting more and more common amongst laptop users but till now there is nothing to worry about since you can easily prevent it. Just remember the advice given above to prevent TSS.


Blue Waffle Disease

Truth or Hoax

Well, the internet is full of pictures and images about the blue waffle disease, yet there is still a considerable amount of doubt in everyone’s mind as to whether it is in reality a disease or just a rumor. As the name suggests, ‘Blue waffle’ it in no way can be made to mean a disease, but many argue that the word is used in an evasive way and meant to suggest the private parts of the human body. It is not a medical term, but slang used to show that the disease turn the genitals blue of the diseased individual.

The disease is known to change the color of the genitals of the effected into blue color. There is however no proper evidences to prove the above, but people are talking about it, and some even fear they may be suffering from it. In the absence of proof, one must wave off the discussion, but it is not advisable. The knowledge will not go waste and may prove to be helpful for you in times of need.

Causes of the infection

Blue waffle is an infection, which is known to be caused due to various reasons; if one is known to have a weak immunity system then the chances of the same are high. If you are habituated of low nutrition diet or have lifestyle issues then the risk increases. However, there are other main reasons which are known to cause the infection than the one stated above, they are:

  • Having Unprotected Sex
  • Wearing unclean undergarments
  • Wearing of tight and un-soothing undergarments.
  • Keeping the private parts unhygienic
  • Using of sprays and other chemicals near the private parts.

Symptoms of Blue waffle

Blue waffle is easily detectable when the genitals area turn blue, but that doesn’t happen very often. The disease shows similar symptoms as of other infections in the private parts, but what so ever it must not be ignored. The common symptoms however are:

  • Itching in the private parts
  • Swelling near the area
  • Discharge of fluids.
  • Very strong foul smell
  • Burning sensation, which is uncomfortable
  • Red dot patches
  • Change of color to blue(less likely to happen

Keep away from the disease:

Blue waffle even though arguable is not a pleasant sound and one must keep them safe from it. Even if we question the disease one can take steps to assure themselves that they are protected. The suggestions are also healthy so they will benefit you in many ways.

1)   Make sure you have protected safe: unprotected safe can lead to various diseases and health issues. It is for your own good, so when you can why not keep away from trouble. Just make it a rule never has unprotected sex, and this is a rule for life.

2)   Take care of hygiene: It is a must that you keep your private parts clean; It is to ensure you have a healthy body. Clean up regularly, inculcate habits that keep you away from germs, keep away from unhygienic habits and never compromise on it. Make sure that you do that for sure after sex so that you are free from any infection what so ever.

3)   Work on your immunity: It is important that your body does its part too, in order to fulfill that, you will need to ensure that body has sufficient strength for the same. Keep healthy eating habits; make sure that you provide enough strength through food to your body so that it can fight back infections. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, Engage in health exercises, take enough sleep, work on you routine to make sure that you have time to take care of your mind and body.

4)   Check with your doctor: Your doctor is the first person you should rush to when you feel anything uncomfortable. You will need to make sure that you do not try to hide the symptoms and shy away. Any delay can have harmful consequences; doctors can examine the areas and run few test so that we understand what the root of the symptoms is! It could be a false alarm, but there is no way one can be sure without proper diagnosis.

The discussion remains open to the fact whether the disease is real or not. One can find many evidences on the internet that shows pictures and images of scary disease under the name of Blue waffle, but their authentic is under question. There is no clear proof as of now that validates the existence or Denys’ the disease. True or not the symptoms are common and run high risk. Thus, one should make sure that they take on suggestive measure so that they keep away from any such thing. The precautions are somewhat ideal for a healthy living. Thus, if you plan to have a safe and healthy life then you should have protected safe, it keeps you away from other harmful disease too that may be fatal to you.

Looking for the symptom that the genital will turn blue might not happen, as it may just be the creation. And since we do not have evidence to support them we can think of it as a lie. But even then the risk is there and thus one must make sure that he created awareness about the same. And even in denial if there are symptoms run for the precautions. Ignorance is never beneficial when it comes to science and diseases.

There are suggestive measures and medicines that can help control the infection. So when you feel anything wrong consult your doctor. He will be able to help you with the cure. The situation makes one uncomfortable, and it is a great relief if you can find a medication to do away with swelling, itching and burning. You do not have to live in the agony your physician can help you a great deal.

Hope this article is helpful to create awareness and next time you know when one is talking about Blue waffle.